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Sometimes I think he says things just to hear his own voice. [13 Jun 2010|03:56am]
hitokirivader: today is jacques cousteau's 100th birthday
hitokirivader: of course, if he was still alive
lowbacca1977: how old would he be in fathoms, though?
hitokirivader: heh
lowbacca1977: Dude, great movie idea... The Fathom of the Opera
hitokirivader: define great
lowbacca1977: no

While in line for Iron Man 2... [07 May 2010|04:04am]
Tim: Yeah, I downloaded it the other day.
me: Wait, what are you guys talking about?
Tim: StarCraft II beta.
me: It's out already?
Ben: For a couple of months now.
me: Oh.
Rem: Wow... Worst Korean ever.
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IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN YOU GUYS. [30 Apr 2010|01:11am]


DISNEY SOULMATES O_O [14 Apr 2010|01:03pm]
me: Actually, the first CD I ever owned was the Aladdin soundtrack.
Jefferson: Oh my God that's hilarious, because the first CD I ever owned was the Pocahontas soundtrack!
me: Are you serious?
Jefferson: Yes, and that's really not the kind of thing I tell anyone.
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I'm such an asshole. [13 Apr 2010|12:06pm]
me: Hey Jese, can I borrow your opinion?
Jese: Sure.
me: Which one of these pictures do you prefer?
Jese: I think the one with red pops more. Go with that one.
me: I dunno, I kinda like this one cuz it looks more natural.
me: I'm gonna go with this one.
Jese: Why did you even bother asking for my opinion?
me: Because I wanted you to validate mine.
Jese: Okay Bryan.
me: Thanks Jese.

Shout-out to my man FartsCheese! Thanks for subscribing! [12 Apr 2010|02:32am]
hitokirivader: every time i upload a new video, i get a quick spike in subscriptions
hitokirivader: first user to subscribe tonight?
hitokirivader: "FartsCheese"
lowbacca1977: lol
hitokirivader: :-/
lowbacca1977: well, i give in to peer pressure, so subscribed as well cuz why not
hitokirivader: i wasn't pressuring you at all
lowbacca1977: i meant the other people that i don't know
hitokirivader: damn... now i feel under pressure to impress you
lowbacca1977: you've not done so yet, no need to start now
hitokirivader: haha... thaaanks jerk

One for me, one for you. :) [11 Apr 2010|10:21pm]
I remember reading an interview with Steven Spielberg where he mentioned that he approached film projects with a "one for me, one for you" mentality. Sure, Spielberg's famous for his big-budget, crowd-pleasing summer blockbusters (Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park), but squeezed in between each one he often makes a more intimate art house film of personal significance (The Color Purple, Schindler's List, Amistad). I've always liked that about him.

So I'm kinda taking the same approach with my YouTube channel.

Here's one for me: Massenet's "Méditation," the entr'acte from the opera "Thaïs." One of my favorite pieces to perform, which particularly holds a lot of emotional significance to me.

And here's one for you: the theme from Halo, as composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori. One of my favorite video games to play, which has a pretty sweet theme. :)

Enjoy! :)
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This made me lol. :) [28 Mar 2010|09:17pm]
Simon Pegg being interviewed at the Empire Awards:

What would you like to see Scotty do in the next Star Trek film?
I'd like to have sex with a green woman. Not me, Scotty! Sorry. See, I say things and I regret it immediately...


One year later. [25 Mar 2010|11:38am]
It's been one year this morning since we lost our grandfather... and for once, time doesn't seem like it's flying by; it's a strange change of pace given how fleeting the last few years of my life have seemed. Tonight our extended family is having a memorial gathering in his honor, and it'll be interesting to see how that goes. I still miss him very, very much. But at the very least, I hope getting everyone back together again will make my grandmother happy; no doubt it's been a very distressing year for her.

It's times like these that I can really appreciate how much I love my family, my friends, and everything I'm blessed to have in my life. :)

Y'know, sometimes I amaze even myself. ;) [23 Mar 2010|06:30pm]
I make a living doing graphic design and digital retouching for a school photography company, and most of my retouching work involves the run-of-the-mill pimple removal from head shots and replacing silly faces in group photos. However, on occasion, I'm given a retouching job that's particularly and preeminently challenging... like removing the American flag from behind an ivy and vine-covered fence:

BEFORE & AFTERCollapse )

I really don't mean to boast, but I'm quite proud of my work on this one. :)
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WEATHER FAIL [16 Mar 2010|05:29pm]
It's 84 degrees right now in Los Angeles, where it's still winter.

It's 75 degrees today in Sydney, where it's still summer.

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*this is the sound of your brain exploding* [13 Mar 2010|08:50am]
hitokirivader: boobies!
zoomuzakgirl: yes!
hitokirivader: quite!
zoomuzakgirl: where?
zoomuzakgirl: *looks down*
zoomuzakgirl: oooooh
hitokirivader: yesss
hitokirivader: I'm glad we had this conversation
zoomuzakgirl: we got CULTURE

For the record, all three of us kept our 3D glasses. :P [12 Mar 2010|12:23am]
While driving home from seeing Alice in Wonderland:
me: Well it was certainly worth it to see it in 3D.
Jake: Yeah, and now I have another pair of 3D glasses.
Tim: I've got like five or six of them stashed in my drawer.
me: Why do we even keep them?

Because I forgot to blog about this when it happened. [10 Mar 2010|05:27pm]
The other day, Mike and I went on a Slurpee run and we ended up chatting about random things for quite a while. It wasn't until about the fourth time I said "generally speaking" that I realized he was saluting me. :P
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While looking for an In-N-Out in San Diego... [01 Mar 2010|02:42am]
Mike: Turn right. It's more or less right over there.
me: You're more or less right over there.
Mike: No, I'm more or less right over here.
me: That depends on my point of relativity.
Mike: But you're right over there.
me: More or less.

After Bri, Nicole, and I held hands and skipped through Paradise Pier... [27 Feb 2010|11:01pm]
*we spot three teens doing the exact same thing*
me: Hey, they're copying us!
Nicole: Yeah, but we're WAAAY cooler because we're WAAAY older.

So I guess it's official... [24 Feb 2010|02:24pm]
No press release from DC Entertainment yet, but both LatinoReview and SHH are reporting it:

David Goyer will write the new Superman movie, tentatively titled The Man of Steel. It will be somewhat based on John Byrne's Superman comics and will NOT be an origin story; however, while we knew Bryan Singer would not be returning as he is now committed to X-Men: First Class, it's looking like Brandon Routh won't be returning either (though frankly it's too early to tell). As previously announced, Christopher Nolan will mentor the project, but no one is attached to direct yet.

First of all, it's nice to hear that DCE is finally doing something about this, what with their recent regime change and the verdict of the Siegel trial; we all knew that a major announcement was inevitable and soon. But I'm not sure what to make of this. Goyer is pretty hit or miss, and that's largely because he's probably one of the most overworked writers in the business. He's had a lot on his plate from both Marvel and DC (the Blade trilogy, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight), plus ABC keeps having him write new shows... and that's not even including all his projects that never took off (The Flash, anyone?). He's already committed to co-writing the sequel to The Dark Knight (which he left "FlashForward" to do) as well as directing X-Men Origins: Magneto, and now they're entrusting him to the Superman franchise as well? Or will David Goyer eventually be added to the ever-growing list of famous writers and directors who've attempted and failed to make a new Superman movie?

In other news, "Smallville" still hasn't been cancelled.
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Trust me, even if this made sense to you, it doesn't make any sense. [19 Feb 2010|10:50pm]
lowbacca1977: also, shutter island
hitokirivader: twss
hitokirivader: wait no
hitokirivader: idekh
lowbacca1977: lol
lowbacca1977: smooth
hitokirivader: shut up
lowbacca1977: so, seriously though. movie.
hitokirivader: yeah, i wanna see it.
lowbacca1977: what is your future shedule
hitokirivader: you put a "c" in that word this instant young man
lowbacca1977: what is your fucture shedule
hitokirivader: that's better

Now I know what hell will be like. :P [18 Feb 2010|06:05pm]
*Tim parks his car*
me: Nice, the song just ended.
Tim: Yeah, so?
me: Don't you just hate it when you get to your destination and your iPod is right in the middle of a song? Sometimes I'll just sit there in my car and wait for the song to end.
Tim: God you are so freaking OCD.
me: What, you don't do that?
*Tim stares at me*
Tim: I'm going to lock you in a room where all the walls are made of squeaky styrofoam.
me: And then you'll make me listen to the first half of songs and have marathons of the first half of each of the extended Lord of the Rings films?
Tim: Yes.
me: ... Shit.
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This is how World War III begins. [15 Feb 2010|06:01pm]

Anyone else as excited about the Winter Olympics as I am? :D

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